New Media Festival: New Media Performance

New Media Festival: New Media Performance

Silver City, N.M.- Last Friday night, the Department of Expressive Arts wrapped up their New Media Festival with one final event- the New Media Performance. The event consisted of new media music with many guests and bands performing.

The first performance of the night was called “Drone Desert”, which was produced by Peter Bill and Vance Galloway. This show was projected on a big screen showing footage of mountains taken by a drone and offering many colors.

“Moody” was the name of the next performance, a dance improv that featured interpretive dancer Zoe Wolfe. Her friend and cellist, Erica May Randalph, created the music while Wolfe danced around fiercely.

Wolfe, who also once taught here at WNMU has been dancing since 1970, and said that her main theme was to “show visual imagery and altered egos.”

The Pincushioned band and vocalist Dawn Chambers played “Ablution” followed by “Liquid Plus” which was composed by Barry Moon.

Jessica Rajko came up next to perform “Globe”. Rajko, who is an Assistant Dance Professor at ASU, danced alongside the music of Pincushioned.

“Fragile” was performed last by Pincushioned and the event ended finally with “Improve” which was filmed in Juarez, Mexico that Kat Brown and Peter Bill composed with Pincushioned as musical guests.

Pincushioned band members include Doug Nottingham and Barry Moon. Their instruments consist of computers, xylophone, electric guitar, and acoustic percussion.

Nottingham says their music is pure “experimental and is always looking for ways to evolve and change”.

Peter Bill, Assistant Professor New Media at WNMU, was the one who created the festival and who invited all of the performers. He said this is only its second year running and it has been a great success. Bill was able to bring most of the performers to WNMU because he knows them through his old college back in ASU.

“I hold this event because it is interesting music that involves technology and Silver needs to comprehend this” says Bill. “Also the music allows us to look at the world in a different view.”