Great Race 49: Great Race Talent Show

Great Race 49: Great Race Talent Show

Silver City, N.M.- Great Race Week continued with its events in last nights Great Race Talent Show in the Fine Arts Center Theatre. C’s Get Degrees, Bomb Squad, and The Little Rascals performed their talent in front of their fellow students, WNMU staff, and other community members, hoping to boost their standings in the race.

Each team was given two rounds to show off their creative talents, in hopes of impressing the four judges: Abe Villarreal (Director of Communications), Nalani Hernandez (Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach), Dominique Duarte (Supplemental Instruction Support), and Michael Humphries (Web Development Team Lead).

For the first performance, it was a somewhat of a shock to the crowd as the Little Rascals came out half-naked, dressed only in red shorts and jingle bell hats. With everyone laughing before their skit, the song “Jingle Bell Rock” came on followed by some slow motion dancing and body slapping. One judge said, “I like the performance. It put me in the Christmas spirit.”


C’s Get Degrees followed next by performing a cheerleading chant with twerking and other dance moves. It was a burn and roast fest as the softball players sang thing things such as “I am hot, everything you’re not” and “I’m pretty and cute, I dominate this school”. Judge Michael Humphries some’s up the performance saying “I liked it. I thought they put some personality to it.”


Following next was Bomb Squad as they decide to do a dance off to the song “It’s Tricky” by RUN – D.M.C. Both groups showed off impressive moves but what really got the crowd intrigued is when two men, dressed up as women in skirts, took control of the performance and showed off their break dancing and flips. Overall, the judges were very fascinated with the skit saying things such as “squad goals”, “left speechless”, and “explosive”.


In the second round, Little Rascals performed a more appropriate show as they lip synced to“Love on Top” by Beyoncé. Leading the performance as singer was WNMU softball player Thailyza Ramirez and soon was able to involve the crowd with clapping and dancing.


In the next performance, the crowd was surprised and stunned to see C’s Get Degrees football players come out on stage in spandex and short shorts. While each member lip synced to the song “Flashlight”, all were dancing and twerking to one another. The judges enjoyed the performance saying they “laughed and cried”.


Bomb Squad came on for the final performance of the night and also lip synced to the song “Work” by Rihanna. WNMU volleyball player Shannon Rich imitated Rihanna with slick moves while others danced in the background. Judge Abe Villarreal jokingly said, “If they want to work, they can come work for me”.


Shannon Rick, who also has performed in other talent shows at WNMU, said “It was great to be out on the stage again but it was not my best performance, but be ready for the Great Race on Saturday”.

In the end, Bomb Squad finished in first place followed by C’s Get Degrees in second and Little Rascals in third.

The current standings are as follows: C’s Get Degrees in first with 65 points, Bomb Squad with 64 points, and Little Rascals with 60 points.

Great Race Week continues throughout the week with the final event beginning Saturday with the Great Race 49.