Homecoming 2016: Mustang Entertainment Presents: Powderpuff Game

Homecoming 2016: Mustang Entertainment Presents: Powderpuff Game

Silver City, NM – Last night, Mustang Entertainment hosted their annual Powderpuff Game at Old James Stadium. The football game was between teams Purple and Gold with flag football substituting for the usual tackle football. Both teams held only female WNMU students in a six-on-six contest.

After winning the toss, Purple elected to defend first, which turned out to be a horrible decision. On Gold’s second play, the quarterback threw a deep ball for 30 yards to score first.img_2802

After a quick turnover on downs by Purple, Gold again found the long ball and scored on another 30 yard touchdown pass to make the score 12-0.

Gold tried to enhance their lead before the end of the first half but the quarterback overthrew an open receiver.

It was a slow third quarter, but finally Purple was able to get a tackle, or flag, inside the Gold’s own touchdown territory, making it a safety. Purple was finally on the board, but still down, 12-2.

The fourth quarter was a scoring mayhem for both teams. Purple was able to make it an entertaining game as they scored from a 40 yard pass to make the score 12-10. However, Gold went on a hot streak and added two more touchdowns before the game ended. At final time, Gold ended up with the win, 24-10.

There was a large turnout for the annual Powderpuff Game, with free nachos were provided with a pair of glasses for everyone who attended.

“I learned about [these games] through high school and thought this would be a good event. We do this twice a year, with Great Race as well, and it’s good to see girls out playing instead of guys,” said Sage Nays, the student in charge of Mustang Entertainment.

A few members of Student Government as well as athletes participated in the event, including ASWNMU Executive Secretary and former softball player Breanna Aker and ASWNMU Senator and former volleyball player Sheila Menezes.

Sage was very pleased with how the Powderpuff game turned out. “It was a good atmosphere and it was good to see members of Student Government, athletes, and piers. It turned out to be a good event.”

WNMU’s Homecoming Events continue tonight with a Glow in the Dark Pool Party at 8pm at the University Pool.