Homecoming 2016: The Origins of Homecoming: A Brief History

Homecoming 2016: The Origins of Homecoming: A Brief History

Silver City, NM- It’s that time of year again. As the nights get colder and the summer turns to autumn, WNMU celebrates it’s annual Homecoming week. Alumni from many years past can be seen walking the halls of their alma matter, while current students are participating in the weeks many scheduled activities. We’ve already had a bowling night and a powderpuff football game, with a Glow in the Dark Pool Party, a bonfire and a celebration just around the corner. We also have the Homecoming Parade, Tailgate and the game itself to look forward to.

But where did all this come from? We addressed this last year in an admittedly low-budget video, (Found Here!) but for those of you that are readers as opposed to visual, we’re here for you.

Homecoming is believed to date back to the 19th century, with a few states claiming to have held the first Homecoming game. Most agree that the first Homecoming game was held at the University of Missouri in 1911. The 1911 University of Kansas vs University of Missouri football game was a rivalry game for both universities, and the first played at the Rollins Field Stadium at the University of Missouri. In order to encourage attendance at this game, Athletics Director Chester Brewer encouraged many college alumni to return to campus for the rivalry game, ending up with a very large turnout.

Naturally, there are others who contest their claim to hosting the first Homecoming FOOTBALL GAME, but it should be noted that this was the first Homecoming celebration to include, well a celebration. Chester Brewer arranged for not only a parade but also several parties to be held for the returning alumni. The tradition as expanded and flourished ever since.

So, like the video said, that’s it for now. Tonight there will be a Glow in the Dark Pool Party at the University Pool starting at 8pm. Tomorrow there will be a bonfire, followed on Friday with the Mustang Friday Celebration at Old James Stadium. Saturday is Homecoming Day, with a parade and VIP tailgate, followed by the game against Midwestern State University.