WNMU Students React to the 2016 Election Results

WNMU Students React to the 2016 Election Results

Silver City, NM- After a long and intense election, entrepreneur and reality tv star Donald J. Trump has become the 45th President of the United States in an upset win over Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. While some were pleased to see a change in government following eight years with a Democratic President, and others were horrified at the seemingly dark turn the world had taken, The Mustang newspaper was hard at work gathering data about what WNMU students thought.

DISCLAIMER: This article contains explicit language.

Some students weren’t pleased with the results of the election, blaming flaws in the electoral college:

“This was really unexpected. I thought that Clinton was going to win fairly easily, but of course it didn’t happen. I don’t really like the American voting system though, since Clinton had around 200,000 more votes than Trump but the electoral college took veto power in order for Trump to win. Hopefully the person sitting in office knows how to make wise use of his power.” -Claudia Osuna, President of ASWNMU

Others were outright angry:

“It sucks. This was my first election and we had sh*tty choices. I voted for Johnson and last night was rooting for Hillary. It’s crap that Trump won. Right now Hillary has the Popular vote by close to a hundred thousand. Trump is terrifying. He is a terrible role model for our kids and is not fit to be president. I’m sad and disheartened that this racist misogynist has become the leader of our country. I’m embarrassed to be an American right now. And the people rioting? What the heck guys? That is not mature, or smart! I’m seriously disappointed in America. The electoral college is a bunch of sh*t.” -Diana Gordillo, Psychology Major

Some had more balanced and level-headed views:

“I’m not really worried. We will see what happens and go from there. What is, is and what isn’t, isn’t. You can’t change what is with whims and wants. One needs to accept reality and plan for it.” -Dylan Kester, Vice President of ASWNMU

“In the words of John F. Kennedy, ‘Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.’” –Kaity Ellis, Social Work Major

There were a few that were concerned about what a Trump Presidency meant for our nation:

“Honestly, it was an unexpected win. I knew he had followers but I expected people to know better. I expected women to see how flawed his views on women are. I expected Hispanics and Latinos to push for a better future instead of going towards the evil. I am frustrated and scared because as a Mexican woman I feel targeted. Yes, he won’t become president until January… but that doesn’t change the fact that everything he wants to do has already instilled fear in us. It doesn’t change the fact that the possibility of me having to leave the country is out there. I admire those who are surrounded by Latinos and Hispanics and still voted for Trump due to their own reasons. But to me they mean nothing, especially if I knew them.

Neither candidates were the best. That’s something that we have to be aware of. But one candidate did not make people fear waking up this morning as much as the other. America is my second home, and last night I was deeply disappointed by it.” –Dayana Baez, Math Major

“I think we are going to be seeing a lot of pain within minority groups, basic human rights violations etc. This election just proves how much we need social justice. The stuff I’ve seen online alone is severely depressing. I think that President Trump will cause chaos and hopefully it’s not as bad as I think, but you never know.” –Jill Rae Smith, Sociology Major

“This is a complex race, gender and class issue that America has been dealing with for years. This whole election cycle was a joke, probably one of the worst election cycles in my lifetime. Upon getting the results of the election, people are literally fearing for their lives and the lives of those they love because voting for someone who is outright racist, homophobic, and a bigot is the same as supporting those ideas. Donald Trump is the person who is the face of our nation? I refuse. He neither represents me, my people, my ideals, nor respects me, my people, or my ideals. Yet, this is motivation for me to get up off my ass and make a difference.” –Nelson Williams III, Sociology Major

“I was terrified about this election. At first I wasn’t paying attention to it then after a while when it came down to the debates, I started to lean in a little closer and closer and started to pay attention to what was being said. I was scared not for myself but for my children’s future. This is the new America. I knew Trump was going to win, no doubt. But what’s scary is that certain shows from the past predicted it!” –Jo Lynn Guerrero, Criminal Justice Major

Others had an Open Mind about what the future holds with Trump as our Commander-in-Chief:

“I’ve always had an open mind toward the election. I think we should give Trump a chance, it’s a big job to fulfill and not anyone can do it. I hope for the best, for this country and for our neighbors throughout the world. I still have to get up everyday and face the music and I think that’s what people don’t understand; Life is not easy, you work hard to live it.” –Aldo Lopez, Education Major

Regardless of how you feel about the election, whether you are angry and afraid, optimistic and hopeful, or just feeling a sense of relief because the election is finally over, our nation is now a changed place. It remains to be seen what is in store when President Donald J. Trump takes office this January.