WNMU School of Business Participates in Global Writing Collaboration

WNMU School of Business Participates in Global Writing Collaboration

Silver City NM- Western New Mexico’s School of Business has taken on a ton of new exploits this year, including an international book collaboration with the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez (UACJ). The project is a series of four books that pertain to the world of business, combining the ideas of authors from different universities in different countries.

“One of my jobs is to help bring more professors in to work on these books,” said Dr. Vincens, “for example; my mentor and the thesis chairman from Puerto Rico will be published in the third book.”

Dr. Miguel Vincens-Feliberty, Associate Dean and Assistant Professor of Management, and Dr. Francisca Reyes, Assistant professor of Economics, have been working diligently on books two, three, and four of series. Two out of the four have been published, with WNMU collaborating on the second one. The chapters written by our University are in English while the other chapters, written by UACJ are in Spanish. When asked his opinion on this Dr. Vincens said, “I think that as a school of business we need to set the example of globalization for WNMU. Being bilingual is just one of the many examples of how we can do that.” The school of business has the most diverse group of students, including individuals from Brazil, Russia, and several places around Europe.

This book is not just an opportunity for recognition though; it is also an opportunity for conferences, future research, and even future exchanges. “Who we bring to the table is very important because of the cultural content as well as the diverse perspective.” Experts from everywhere will be collaborating on future books and this is something that everyone can be excited about because it is an opportunity for growth for WNMU and its students.

You can find a PDF of the first book, Empendimiento: Multidimensionalidad, Cambio, E Innovovacion online. WNMU is looking forward to future collaborations with UACJ, as well as future opportunities for similar collaborations with different universities around the globe.

Dr. Reyes was unavailable for comment at press time.