What Do You Do When You’re Disenrolled??

What Do You Do When You’re Disenrolled??

Tuesday marks the disenrollment date for students that aren’t finalized. This is usually due to a student having a balance due on their accounts and having not yet set up a payment plan. Disenrollment can often be stressful and hard on the nerves of even the toughest college student, but fortunately, The Mustang is here to guide you through the process.

If you are placed on a disenrollment hold, it means that you are not finalized with the Business Office and will therefore have to follow these three steps:

  1. Students will need to get in touch with the Office of Financial Aid. The office can be found on campus in the Juan Chacon Building or Director Cheryl Hain can be reached by phone at 575-538-6174 and Shawna Arnold at 575-538-6171. Lines may be busy, so please try to be patient.

    If the disenrollment hold can’t be resolved in the Financial Aid office, students will have to set up a payment plan with the Business Office. In some cases, the student’s award does not cover their bill and they will need to set up a payment plan to pay off the balance. In a scenario where a student can’t make a payment plan, a student can work out a plan with less credits by contacting Rhonda McCall in the Office of Student Affairs at 575-538-6339.

  2. After dealing with the Financial Aid office, students will need to get in touch with the Business Office next. The Business Office can be reached at 575-538-6150. A few members will also be set up near the Financial Aid office throughout the week to assist students in setting up payment plans.
  3. Once a student has set up their payment plan, they will need to visit the Registar’s office, which is located right next door to Financial Aid, in order to re-enroll in their classes. Students can also reach the office at Registars@wnmu.edu.

Students can prevent being disenrolled by ensuring that they are finalized by Monday, January 23. The Mustang also recently released a story on other ways that students can guard themselves from disenrollment. The link can be found HERE.