Madison Jones Hopes to Bring New Ideas to ASWNMU

Madison Jones Hopes to Bring New Ideas to ASWNMU

Silver City, NM- Madison Jones says that if she was in a crayon box, her crayon would be Magnariliam, because it’s not dark or intense, but rather it is light and is useful wherever it’s needed. Hopefully this quality will translate well as she takes on the position of Senator in ASWNMU. Madison is 20 years old and comes to Western from Long Beach, CA. She arrived at Western in 2014 and is an Accounting major. Madison has always liked numbers and after taking her first accounting class, she got hooked and knew it was for her. Madison hopes to become a successful businesswoman after graduation and is hopeful to have job opportunities anywhere with this degree.

Madison is taking over District 3, the Natural Sciences Department. “Since I stopped playing softball I wanted to stay involved with more students, get to know them, and be able to impact their lives at the school,” Madison says.  Madison’s goal is to allow students to feel comfortable and open when talking about adjustments they would like to be made in the district. She also wants to try and bring new ideas that haven’t been there in the past to help with their studying or overall experience

Aside from being a senator and future businesswoman, Madison also wants to live a fun and enjoyable life. Students should be aware that if they hear a car passing by, with the driver belting out “Break Up In A Small Town” by Sam Hunt, it is most likely Madison. Madison admitted that when she is alone in her car, the country music star is her go-to choice for car karaoke. When asked who play her if a movie were made about her life, Madison selected Anne Hathaway for her role, due to the actresses ability to play both an understated role, yet also bring depth to the character.

Madison is set to graduate in Spring 2018. After graduation Madison plans to complete her certified public accountant license, which is equivalent of the BARR exam that lawyers must pass.

ASWNMU’s next public meeting will be held on March 1st at 7 p.m. in the Miller Library.

Additional Reporting by Mariangela Garcia

Additional Writing by Eric Lowe