Women of Western: Vanessa Stroman

Women of Western: Vanessa Stroman

Silver City, NM- Vanessa Stroman’s background is one that has been rooted in the willingness to help others, and she has proven this time and time again within her history. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy under her belt, she is currently the Coordinator of Career and Student Services in the Center for Student Success, an Orientation Leader Coordinator, and working towards her Master’s degree in Social Work. Besides her professional career, she is also a soon-to-be mother of two children and a wife.

Vanessa was born in El Paso, Texas, and moved around several cities and towns in the state of Ohio before moving to Lubbock, Texas, where she stayed for six years. She then went on to Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas to play tennis for two years. Finishing out her college tennis career at WNMU led Vanessa to meet her husband, Devin Stroman.

When asked about her favorite role to play in life, Vanessa said, “Roles are challenges that I am willing to accept, not only for myself, but to help others.”

After contemplating all of the roles that she fills, she responded with being a wife as the most fulfilling. Her reasoning for this answer was that she is grateful to Devin for her family, and the motivation he gives to push her further academically just as she does with him. She also loves to see her 3-year old son, Vincent, smiling and content, even if she may have had a long day’s work as she arrives at home.

Vanessa’s role model as a child was her grandmother because she raised her from birth until the age of 6. She remembered fondly how she always spoke Spanish to her, pushed her to read magazines in Spanish, and watch telenovelas with her. Vanessa also credits her grandmother for teaching her how to be an independent woman. Even though her grandmother has passed away, Vanessa stills remembers her in the things she does today, but also thinks about her father and how he is also so willing to help people in whatever situation they are in.

Being a woman surrounded by many other women in the office has led Vanessa to want to bring all of these smart and amazing women together, instead of pitting them against one another.

“No one’s perfect, and you have to learn to put pride aside, not hold grudges and move forward.” She is an advocate for women that are capable of accomplishing big things and reaching their highest potential possible.

“Always strive for your goal, no matter what happens. You’ll eventually get there even if there are obstacles in your way.” This was Vanessa’s advice to those women who want to have it all, but may be wary about the balance of handling everything on one plate.

When asked about what her favorite thing was about being a woman, Vanessa replied with, “Definitely being able to multi-task, listening to my favorite music and dancing along, and getting manicures because self-care is very important.”