Women of Western: Estere Lucero

Women of Western: Estere Lucero

Silver City, NM- Estere Lucero is the employee of the month! Despite only working at WNMU as the Department Administrator for Humanities for less than two years, Estere’s hard work and dedication was rewarded last week by the staff senate. Estere is a 28 year old mother of three, who is the youngest of nine children. She graduated from WNMU with a Bachelor’s Degree in General Business in December of 2015 and is currently working on he Masters in Business Administration.

Her family has had a long history with WNMU, with her father, five of his children and her husband all being alumni. Estere credits her parents for setting an example and raising a high bar for her to reach, with her father installing in her the importance of higher education. Her mother meanwhile, is a successful business owner, owning Candy, Bouquet and Flowers in Silver City, NM. Estere describes her mother as being a natural successful business woman and marketer.

Upon receiving Employee of the Month, Estere said that she was referred to has the Center of Humanities. Dr. Heather Steinman stated, “I love her both personally and professionally. Her level of kindness and professionalism is high and makes her a joy to work with.”

John Gist, the Department Chair of Humanities, state bluntly that, “The Humanities department would implode with Estere.”

While Estere excels at her job, she says that her most important life role is being a mother to her three children, Aaron, (6) Mikaela, (4) and Luke (2). “No matter what I exceed in my professional career, being a wonderful mother for my children just as my mother was to me and seeing them happy means the world to me.”

Estere also credits her husband Ruben for giving her tons of love and support. “I couldn’t have done any of this without him,” Estere said. “He is a great support system.”

Estere continues to work in the Humanities department, and is currently in the process of planning a Spring College of Arts and Sciences event. She also states that one of her future goals is to become more involved in the wider university.