ASWNMU Elections: Dylan Kester for Student Senate

ASWNMU Elections: Dylan Kester for Student Senate

Silver City, N.M.- Dylan Kester holds the current position of Vice President on the Executive Board of ASWNMU, but come next fall he’s aiming for the much more familiar role of senator. Kester has been involved with WNMU’s Student Government for three years now, and while he was a newbie to the role of VP, he misses the close involvement there is from being on senate.

He had this to say about it, “Being a part of the executive team is not as hands on as a senator’s position.”

While he has nothing against the higher positions, Kester wants to be more of a voice for students and be allowed to have a vote versus simply being an advisor to other senators while on the executive board. Kester’s ultimate goal for his running position is that the student senate is about fighting for student rights at the university, which is a common theme amongst several other candidates this year.

As for the transition from being executive and hopefully back to a senator, Kester is a current graduate student going into counseling and if he were to be VP again, he believes that it would not be as fulfilled of a position as it should be if he were to take it on again due to the amount of work that comes with being a grad student.

But aside from all of the busy work, Kester knows there are going to be a lot of new people entering the senate that are new to the program. Yet he thinks that this new change will have a much smoother transition period because as he puts it, “there’s a pretty solid foundation set for the new senators that we’ve established now.”