ASWNMU Elections: Jill Smith for Student Senate

ASWNMU Elections: Jill Smith for Student Senate

Silver City, N.M.-  Making the leap from graduate student to running for a position on the student senate seems like a good fit for where Jill Smith is in her college career.

Jill is an Interdisciplinary Studies graduate student in Sociology and Political Science. She is also currently an intern at The Center for Gender Equity, and she has always been very involved within student clubs on campus like the Psychology club, Young Democrats, and sitting as the current President of AAUW.

In making the decision to run for Jill was the influence of Dylan Kester, the current Vice President. Smith said, “I have always wanted to run for senate, but Dylan was the one who gave me that extra push I needed to go for it.”

Jill believes that an advantage she has to being a graduate student versus an undergrad is that she knows at least a little bit more than the average student about how some of the school’s system functions. But her ultimate goal is to work for student rights, and bringing more awareness to what students themselves can accomplish on campus here at WNMU. Her slogan is very much towards this, claiming to “Be the Change!” and “Fighting for Your Rights!”

Jill mentioned that “with everything she does, she places herself into it completely, sparing nothing, and with a positive attitude going forward, she is definitely a magnificent candidate for Student Government.”