ASWNMU Elections: Madison Jones for Student Treasurer

ASWNMU Elections: Madison Jones for Student Treasurer

Silver City, N.M. – After being appointed into the senate this spring, Madison Jones is now campaigning to fulfill the treasurer spot for Western New Mexico University’s student government.

A Treasurer must handle financial money and Jones believes she has the proper knowledge and experience to accomplish this. She is an accounting major, a member of WNMU’s business honor society club, Delta Mu Delta, and finds numbers interesting.

“I have always like numbers. I like recording them as well as allocating a budget,” said Jones who will graduate in spring of 2018.

A personal reason why Jones is running for Treasurer is because it will expand her knowledge in the business field which will help her along the way in her career. After graduation, she hopes to start a small business of her own and then work her way up to bigger corporations.

“It will expand my knowledge into accounting, which is something that I love doing,” said Jones. “This will give me experience on how to run money in a large amount.”

At first, Jones “didn’t consider the opportunity” of being treasurer. However, she realized that taking the position will allow her to be more involved with the university.

This semester Jones found a seat in the senate and ran the Natural Science District. The reason why Jones took the position is because student government allows her to see “the backside of everything” and “how everything comes together.”

When being asked on why she should be elected, Jones answered by saying, “I will put time and effort in being Treasurer. I will be there for the students and be open to new ideas.”