ASWNMU Elections: Bailey McFarland for Student Senate

ASWNMU Elections: Bailey McFarland for Student Senate

Silver City, N.M. – Sophomore Bailey McFarland is looking to earn a seat at the senate position for the Western New Mexico University student government this coming fall.

McFarland believes that the senator position must be involved with the students as well as hearing their voice.

“The reason why I joined student government is because students have a lot to say and it really doesn’t get across,” said McFarland. “Student government is the voice of the students.”

Personally for McFarland, student government will allow her to become a better person and will motivate her to do well in school.

“This will make me become more organized and responsible, especially with school,” said McFarland.

Student-athletes is one of McFarland’s main priorities that she will focus on if elected to senate. Because she is on WNMU’s softball team, McFarland sees that athletes should be more “presentable.”

“A lot of athletics don’t get as much as attention,” said McFarland. “I feel like there is not enough thought put into our programs and I want to make the school more involved with athletics.”

McFarland would like to upgrade the football field and the tennis courts. The student government recently helped softball out with new tarps for their field, which made her realize this is the type of support athletics need.

Scheduled to graduate in 2019, McFarland is currently double majoring in chemistry and cell and molecular biology. After graduation, she plans to go to medical school and become a neurosurgeon.

“Students should vote for me because I can relay information from the students and be able to get it done,” said McFarland.