ASWNMU Elections: Clarissa Moreno for Student Senate

ASWNMU Elections: Clarissa Moreno for Student Senate

Silver City, N.M. – Sophomore Clarissa Moreno is entering new ground as she hopes to manage a senator spot for next year’s student government at Western New Mexico University.

A new experience is what Moreno is looking for as this is her first year running for student government.

“I feel like I am ready for a responsibility as well as getting more involved other than athletics,” said Moreno who plays softball for WNMU. “This would be a great opportunity.”

Moreno wants to be more interactive with the students, involved with the school and build upon the previous student government’s criteria.

“I would like to get to know people within my major, meet new people…and have first-hand awareness on what goes on at the school,” said Moreno. “Not only that, but as well as building on what last year’s student government left behind and follow through with their plans.”

Keeping the students happy on campus is vital for the school and this is what Moreno intends to do.

“Since we are a small school, a lot of people leave because they are not happy,” said Moreno.

Moreno, who is planned to graduate in 2019, is currently enrolled as an accounting major and math minor. Being a senator will help her along the way in her career. It will allow her to enhance her social skills and listen to new suggestions.

“Students should vote for me because they can depend on me relaying their message.” said Moreno when being asked on why students should vote for her.