ASWNMU Elections: Tim Stillman is ASWNMU President-Elect

ASWNMU Elections: Tim Stillman is ASWNMU President-Elect

Silver City, N.M.- Tim Stillman is in the running unopposed for the title of ASWNMU President for the 2017-2018 year. When asked how he felt about that, he simply said that it was slightly disappointing no one else wanted to run, but he was fine with it because it gave him the time to focus on what he really wants to implement in this next year.

Tim is currently an undergraduate Business major, and will be graduating this next month. However, he is going to continue his education in the MBA program, so he will be busy, but not so much that he can’t be the best President he possibly can be.

In his campaigning, Tim mentions that it is all about the students, and pushing towards change. He feels that there was a lot of communication lost this past year with the students, and he wants to bring back the mission that it is really all about the students of WNMU. “We’re here for them,” he says with an air of confidence that is trustworthy.

One of Tim’s biggest missions for this next year he says is to become a more united university in the sense that everyone has the same goals, and that they will be carried out together rather than separately. He said, “Especially with everything going on with the state, there is a lot of fear and miscommunication going around,” and he hopes to bring light to that so there is less of it. Tim also mentions that a big thing for the school is to have more retention from students, and while recruitment seems to be working in getting them here, it’s after the fact that they’re here to be able to keep them around in order to benefit not only themselves, but the school as well.

While Tim also mentions that he has a lot of big plans in mind, he can’t disclose them all at the moment, but he does say that he would like to see “more communication between departments.”

As for his Vice President endorsement, Annely Heinze, Tim says that there couldn’t have been a better choice for the position. He said, “In speaking with her, I realized that we have very many similar goals, and going forward that is going to be important, so I’m glad that she decided to go for the position because she’ll be a major asset to the team.”

Tim Stillman’s goals are very student-oriented, and while this has been true of administrations’ past, it seems more so to be at the forefront of this future one.

ASWNMU elections are currently going on, and voting ends later on today.