Editorial: What Can You Do For Higher Education?

Editorial: What Can You Do For Higher Education?

Silver City, NM- Following yesterday’s rather intense announcements a good amount of readers are concerned about the state of things going on in New Mexico Higher Education. We’ve already seen what can happen. While it is very unlikely that New Mexico colleges won’t be funded by the state this coming fiscal year and this was all simply a power play on the Governor’s part, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t pretty upsetting. Western New Mexico University alone not only provides opportunities for students from New Mexico to Europe, but it alsoo employs many people from the Grant County area. Not only that, but the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology up in Soccoro both provide valuable skills and research for our state. Also, having a little brother about to graduate from high school in a couple of weeks, I’d really like him to have some affordable higher education opportunities within our state.

So, I ask two things from my readers. One: enroll in classes, apply for financial aid, and carry on like business as usual. Even if you’re from one of our remote campuses the majority of our programs are online. Don’t let any of the politics up in the round house dissuade you from getting your degree.

Two: Call the Governor’s Office and share your concerns. Vetoing higher education wouldn’t just affect teachers and students. Families, community members and university staff are also impacted. To contact the office of Governor Susana Martinez, dial 505-476-2200 to speak with one of her representatives or follow this link to fill out a form and get in touch with her office. Have your voice heard!

Other important contacts are:

Senator John Arthur Smith- Capitol Phone: 986-4365, Office Phone: (575) 546-4979, Email: john.smith@nmlegis.gov

Senator Howie Morales- Capitol Phone: 986-4863, Office Phone:(575) 574-0043, Email: howie.morales@nmlegis.gov 

Representative Rebecca Dow- Capitol Phone: 986-4453, Office Phone: (575) 894-5646, Email: rebecca.dow@nmlegis.gov

Representative Rudy Martinez- Capitol Phone: 986-4248, Email: rodolpho.martinez@nmlegis.gov

Representative Candie Sweetser- Capitol Phone: 986-4255, Office Phone: (575) 546-9011, Email: candie.sweetser@nmlegis.gov