Guest Editorial: Western, Thanks for the Memories

Guest Editorial: Western, Thanks for the Memories

Silver City, N.M.- In the countless minutes that go along with the days, there can be brought about infinite memories with each moment that a person exists. Whether those memories are in the far past, the near past, or the present moment that has just passed, the memories in a person’s mind that are kept are what we tend to hold near and dear to our hearts. In the past four years of my attendance at Western New Mexico University, I will be leaving this place with an endless supply of memories and an endless amount of gratitude and love for those I know and will continue to know for the rest of my days.

Seeing the end coming for something that has been worked on for the past four years is definitely bittersweet, as I’m sure most graduates are thinking as well this week. Our last classes have come and gone, and finals week is all but a blip on the radar now. There is not much else to do but feel melancholic towards what it is we’ve accomplished in our times here at WNMU, and what it is we’re going to go on to do in the “real world,” as it has always been presented as to us. But truthfully, college has always been a part of the real world. The experiences we’ve had in this time were anything but fake. Seeing friends come and go due to financial issues, surviving on almost nothing, but having friends come through at the times you needed them the most, and now finally being able to cross that finish line on the stage Friday is going to be as real as it can possibly get.

To each and every person I met in Silver City, I have to say thank you a million times over. I would name each and every single one of you, but that would go on for ages. In whatever way we knew one another, you’ve helped me grow, learn to open up myself to others, laugh (a lot), love, and find a home these past four years that I will come to miss very much. Moving on is never an easy thing to do, but just know that even as we all go in different directions in our lives, I’ll always be very grateful that WNMU was the place where we were all brought together, and I wouldn’t have changed anything at all about my time here for any other place. Our experiences are shaped by those we meet and know, and while I’m sure we can all argue for those we’ve met here, I can honestly say that I have been truly blessed and lucky to have gotten to know who I have.

With this being my last article for The Mustang, I just wanted to give a special acknowledgement to my editor, Eric Lowe, for all of the hard work he put into this paper in basically bringing it back from the dead, and what he will continue to do to keep it going. I’m just glad that I got to be a part of our little, amazing publication for at least a while, and you’ve taught me so much about myself and journalism, so thank you for trusting in me.

I’d also like to send out a huge thank you to those who have read everything I’ve published on this site (mom), or even just one thing at all. So goodbye and well wishes from your favorite entertainment reporter.

Congratulations Class of 2017, we made it!!