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ASWNMU Offer Snow Cones Throughout the Summer

Silver City, NM- The Associated Students of Western New Mexico University are providing free Snow Cones for all students throughout the Summer months. On Wednesdays, between 12-m and 2-m, students can go to the third floor of the Student Memorial Building for an ice-cold treat. Among the wide variety of flavors offered by Student Senator Dylan Kester and President Tim Stillman are Root Beer, Lemon, and Tiger’s Blood, which is said to be a local favorite.

“We wanted to give back to the college members,” Senator Dylan Kester said. Last year, ASWNMU provided ice cream for students, something that Kester said wasn’t repeated in order to not only save money, but also to try something new.

When asked about her snow cone, WNMU student Karina Marin stated that she enjoyed it and was pleased to see that ASWNMU was offering them every Wednesday.

Kester stated that there are plans for ASWNMU to provide snow cones, hot cocoa and other treats for students throughout the school year.


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