ASWNMU Public Meeting Minutes for January 20, 2017



Friday, January 20, 2017

I. THE ASWNMU open meeting was held in the Seminar Room 1 on the campus of Western New Mexico University on Friday January 20th, 2017. Dylan Kester, ASWNMU Vice President, called the meeting to order at 6:59 p.m.

II. Opening Ceremonies

III. Roll call: Executive Officers present: President – Claudia Osuna

Vice President – Dylan Kester
Attorney General- Harry Wetton
Government Affairs Director – Asia Marie Garcia Executive Secretary – Breanna Aker
Treasurer – Timothy Stillman

Senators Present:
Senate Pro Temp-Annely Heinze Senate Secretary – Linzy Granger Sky Klaus
Mariangela Garcia
Ross White
Sheila Menezes- Absent
Kaitlyn Ellis
Shannon Rich

IV. Approval of Agenda

Approval of Amendment to the Agenda was moved by Senator Heinze and seconded by Senator Ellis. Senate Bill 61 and 65 was amended. Senate bill 61 will say $17,350 rather than $18,550.

V. Approval of Agenda passed with no objections.

VI. Approval of Minutes: Senator Ellis moved to approve the minutes. The move was seconded by Senator Heinze. Minutes were approved with no objections.

VII. Executive Council Reports:

  1. President Osuna has been working on getting everything ready for this semester, this is a special meeting so that all the members of ASWNMU will be getting their scholarships. She also has a EPC meeting and they mainly talk about the new policies about the inclement weather. Now the classes that are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays the classes will start at 9:30 a.m. Government Affairs director Garcia and President Osuna are getting ready to go to Santa Fe.
  2. Vice President Kester and President Osuna have been working on a substitute for Wednesday night bowling, as it will no longer be continuing. Other than that he has been managing office hours along with managing his own.
  3. Attorney General Wetton has been working on the amended Constitution. There has been a lot of things brought up over the break. He has a meeting set up next week for that. He is also looking forward to Lobbying trip in Santa Fe.
  4. Government Affairs Director Garcia is getting ready for Santa Fe and has been finishing up the finishing touches. She has been working with Arlen who is the Student Board of Regents.
  5. Secretary Aker has been working on inventory to be prepared for the rest of the semester.
  6. Treasurer Stillman talks about the Financial report. The bills that are being passed at this meeting that is on the report is Bill 61, 62, 65. If you have any questions you can contactTreasurer Stillman. He does have break downs of everything. The financial report can be found on the ASWNMU website.

VII. District Reports

A. Senator Ellis had an issue that arose today. There was a financial issue, but Senator Ellis is working today to make sure it get resolved. If you have any questions you can contact her. She cannot discuss all the details.

VIII. Committee Reports

  1. Vice President Kester Committee had a meeting with the temporary Vice President ofbusiness affairs and we talked about how the matching funds is going to function fromnow on. We are also going to change the rules about it.
  2. President Osuna meet with the fees committee and they are trying to get all the fees doneby the end of March.
  3. Senator Heinze is talking about the activity committee, they are going to meet lateWednesday night.
  4. Senator Ellis states her committee is going to have to sit down and see when they canmeet.

IX. Old Business –


A. Senate Bill Number 51 amendment B. Senate Bill Number 38 amendment

New Business

  1. Senate Bill Number 61- ​Allocation of scholarships for ASWNMU members not to exceed $17,350.00 for the Spring 2017. Sponsored by Senator Ellis and seconded by Senator Heinze.
  2. Senate Bill Number 62​- Grant County Day Reception Donation Allocation of funds not to exceed $200.00. Sponsored by Senator Heinze and seconded by Senator White.
  3. Senate Bill Number 63​- Amendment of bills 38 and 51 from previous public meetings. Sponsored by Senator Klaus and seconded by Senator White.
  4. Senate Bill Number 64​- Allocation of funds not to exceed $5000.00 for Lobbying expenses, from the ASWNMU lobbying account. Sponsored by Senator Rich and seconded by Senator Garcia.
  5. Senate Bill Number 65- ​ Allocation of funds not to exceed $210.00 to pay travel expenses of Senator Kaity Ellis.

XI. Announcements –

  1. Senator Ellis will not be here January 28 through February 2nd, she is going to Washington D.C. If you need her feel free to email her and call her.
  2. President Osuna states that the members of ASWNMU have a meeting after this meeting in the Chambers. We have two senator positions open. If you want to fill the spot, give your information to any of the members of ASWNMU.

XII. Adjournment of meeting

This meeting was adjourned at 7:13 p.m. motioned by Senator Ellis and Senator Heinze seconded the motion.

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