ASWNMU Public Meeting Minutes for January 31, 2017

    January 31, 2017
    I. THE ASWNMU open meeting was held in the Miller Library on the campus of Western New Mexico
    University on Tuesday, September 8, 2016. , ASWNMU Pro Temp, called the meeting to order at 7:01
    II. Opening Ceremonies
    III. Roll call: Executive Officers present:
    President – Claudia Osuna (Absent)
    Vice President – Dylan Kester (Absent)
    Attorney General- Harry Wetton(Absent)
    Government Affairs Director – Asia Marie Garcia(Absent)
    Executive Secretary – Breanna Aker (Absent)
    Treasurer – Timothy Stillman
    Senators Present:
    Senate Pro Temp-Annely Heinze
    Senate Floor Leader -Sheila Menezes
    Senate Secretary – Linzy Granger
    Sky Klaus
    Mariangela Garcia
    Ross White
    Kaitlyn Ellis (Absent)
    Senators not Present:
    IV. Approval of Agenda:
    Agenda was approved by Senator Garcia and seconded by Senator White.
    V. Approval of Agenda passed with no objections.
    VI. Approval of Minutes:
    Approval of Minutes was approved by Senator Garcia and seconded by Senator Granger.
    VII. Executive Council Reports:
    A.Treasurer Stillman talks about the financial report which you can find on the ASWNMU website.
    VII. District Reports
  • No District Reports

    VIII. Committee Reports
    A. Senator Rich talks about having a graduation party and they will have a meeting next Thursday at
    2:00 p.m.
    B.The activities committee talked about how they will be managing the calendar.
    C. Treasurer Stillman talks about the changes that will be made to the clubs committees. He would
    like input on how to make the clubs committee better.
    IX. Old Business –
    No old business
    X. New Business
    1. Senate Bill Number 66- Allocation of funds not to exceed $976.00 to sponsor Student Life
    Panama Airline ticket for a single student. Sponsored by Senator Rich and seconded by Senator Menezes.
    2. Senate Bill Number 67- Allocation of funds not to exceed $400.00 for Senator Menezes
    scholarship, having received promotion to Floor Leader. Sponsored by Senator Garcia and seconded by
    Senator White.
    3. Senate Bill Number 68- Approval of matching funds not to exceed $355.50 for the Student
    Social Work Association. Sponsored by Senator Menezes and Seconded by Senator Garcia.
    All bills were passed with no objections by the Senators.
    XI. Announcements –
    A.Senator Granger and Senator Garcia will be gone for 11 days due to a Softball Trip.
    B.The executive members that were absent went to Sante Fe for lobbying.
    XII. Adjournment of meeting
    This meeting was adjourned at 7:09 p.m. motioned by Senator Rich and Senator Garcia seconded the

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