ASWNMU Public Meeting Minutes for November 4th, 2016



November 4, 2016

I.  THE ASWNMU open meeting was held in on the Deming campus of Western New Mexico University on Friday, November 4, 2016. Dylan Kester, ASWNMU Vice President, called the meeting to order at 4:08 p.m..

II. Opening Ceremonies

III. Roll call: Executive Officers present:

President – Claudia Osuna

Vice President – Dylan Kester

Attorney General- Harry Wetton

Government Affairs Director – Asia Marie Garcia

Executive Secretary – Breanna Aker

Treasurer – Timothy Stillman

Senators Present:

Senate Pro Temp-Annely Heinze

Senate Floor Leader -Gemma Goodland

Senate Secretary – Linzy Granger

Sky Klaus

Mariangela Garcia

Ross White

Sheila Menezes

Brandon Woods

Kaitlyn Ellis

Shannon Rich (Absent)

IV. Approval of Agenda: Senator Ellis moved to approve the Amendment to the Agenda. Move was seconded by Senator Goodland. Amendments were approved with no objections.

  1.   Approval of Agenda passed with no objections.

V. Approval of Minutes: Senator Ellis moved to approve the minutes. The move was seconded by Senator Woods. Minutes were approved with no objections.

VII. Executive Council Reports:

  1. President Osuna wanted to thank all the Senators and the Executives for being at the Deming campus. She has been working on making this happen and hopes to come to Deming in the Spring.
  2. Vice President Kester has been working on the clubs with the matching funds and has been working on the mural in Penny Park with the clubs.
  3. Attorney General Wetton checked over the bills got his hours done and a meeting for the constitution will be discussed next week.
  4. Executive Secretary Aker has been catching up on some work since she was gone last week in Phoenix.
  5. Governmental Affairs Director Garcia talks about Lobbying idea from the football lights to funding for computer program. We want to ensure that students can use the programs such as scientific notebook computer programs.
  6. Treasurer Stillman talks about bill 39 which is district 10, funding a popcorn machine. Bill 40 district $100 for arts supplies. Bill 41 is for district 8 for a pizza party. Bill 42 is for the FAFSA early registration for $100. Bill 43 is for the Deming trip which is $500 dollars. In banner there is $14,396.30. If these bills pass we are looking at $8,900.70. Our lobbying fund is $31,456.55. We had no matching funds this week because we are on hold.

VII. District Reports:

  1. Senator Ellis states T or C and Lordsburg campus are doing well. She will try to make it to T or C campus during final weeks. They are excited to get a popcorn machine.
  2. Senator Heinze says there was the Open House. Senator Menezes and Senator Goodland helped her out. There was the Spooktacular Event at the CDC.

VIII. Committee Reports

  1. Senator Ellis states her committee was suppose to meet yesterday but changed the date. Next committee meeting she is bringing in assistive technology to see how it is to write your name in braille.
  1. Old Business –

IX. No old business

X.   New Business

  1.  Senate Bill Number 39: Allocation of funds not to exceed $80.00 for a popcorn machine in District 10. Sponsored by Senator Good and Senator Ellis. This is for the Deming campus because they do have very late classes and the snack machines become their dinner, therefore the popcorn machine is very good for them.
  1. Senate Bill Number 40: Allocation of funds not to exceed $100.00 for art supplies for District 1. Sponsored by Senator Heinze and Senator Klaus. The art department is in need for supplies and this is going to help them with supplies.
  1. Senate Bill Number 41: Allocation of funds not to exceed $50.00 for the pizza party hosted by District 8. Sponsored by Senator White and Senator Garcia.
  1. Senate Bill 42: Allocation of funds not to exceed $100.00 for early FAFSA registration. Sponsored by Senator Garcia and Senator White. Starting October 1st, you can now sign up for FAFSA and use your taxes from 2015.
  1. Senate Bill 43: Allocation of funds not to exceed $500.00 for ASWNMU trip to Deming for Public Meeting. Sponsored by Senator Heinze and Senator Goodland. This is to get all the students to and from the Deming campus and also for the bowling night at Starmax.

All bills were passed with no objections by the Senators

XI.  Announcements –

  1. President Osuna states there is going to be some rides from campus to the voting polls.
  2. Some one from the crowd talks about the dual credit program and how they are going to cut it down and he wants to recommend they do not. He states that would hurt a lot of students.
  3. Just to remind everyone all of our meetings are on the website and on youtube.

XII. Adjournment of meeting

This meeting was adjourned at 4:31 p.m.  motioned by Senator Ellis and Senator Garcia seconded the motion.

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