Best and Worst Things About Valentine’s Day

Most students either love or hate Valentine’s Day. We want to provide you with all of your romantic Valentine’s Day feels and anti Valentine’s Day moods!

  • Everything is pink!/ Everything is pink.
  • Another opportunity to show appreciation for your loved ones!/ A lot of pressure to spend money on gifts to show this appreciation.
  • If you’re not in a relationship this is a great reminder to love yourself!/If you’re not in a relationship you are guaranteed to be reminded of how single you are all day. 
  • If you are in a relationship this day can be filled with showing romance and affection for your significant other!/If you are in a relationship this day can be filled with pressure to show lots of romance and affection to you significant other. 
  • An excuse to eat lots of candy!/ Feeling sick after eating too much candy.
  • If you love flowers today is your day!/If you’re allergic to flowers today is not your day. 
  • Today can give you the encouragement to finally tell someone you how you really feel about them!/Today can add on a lot of unnecessary pressure to only value yourself when you are with someone else. 
  • Valentine’s Day is the best holiday!/ Today is just a Thursday.
  • You can use this day as an opportunity to post something cute on social media!/ Social media can really negatively effect your mood because you’re comparing yourself to others.
  • Valentine’s Day is filled with showing love and kindness to others!/We should always show love and kindness to others! 

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