Examining Beauty Standards for College Women: Part 1

beauty standards part 1

Many women spend a significant amount of time altering their appearance with makeup and hair styling tools to attempt to fit the societal standard for what a woman ‘should’ look like. Gender expectations have taught us to believe that women must always look beautiful. This can be an expensive as well as a time consuming

Student Spotlight- Alejandra Molina


Alejandra Molina is a twenty-one-year-old elementary education major at Western New Mexico University. She is from Tucson, Arizona and moved to Silver City at the age of seven has lived here since then. Her family desired a fresh start and Silver City was the perfect peaceful location for them. At first she struggled with adapting

Women of Western: Gilda Baeza-Ortego


Silver City, NM- To celebrate Women’s History Month, Dr. Felipe de Ortego y Gasca, the Western New Mexico University scholar in residence, requested that The Mustang run a feature on his beloved wife of thirty years, University Librarian Gilda Ortego. Gilda came to Western New Mexico University in 2007, seeking an environment that was conducive for her

Women of Western: Lydia Huerta


Silver City, NM- Social Justice and standing up for the rights of others is something that has always defined Dr. Lydia Huerta, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Cultural Studies. She is also an adviser who helps guide the direction of The Center for Gender Equity, an organization that host numerous events around campus and provides

Women of Western: Jessica Morales


Silver City, NM – Jessica Morales, the Assistant Dean of Student Life, as always been at WNMU, even for her college years. She was born and raised in Silver City and graduated from Silver High. During her time at Silver High, she was part of the dance team, history club, choir, peer education, honors society,

Women of Western: Amanda Moffett-Lane

Amanda Moffett

Silver City, NM- Someday, today’s students will be tomorrow’s alumni. Every graduate will eventually graduate with their degrees and move on to bigger and better things, whether it be graduate school or a fruitful career. However, regardless of where life takes them, they will always be a Mustang. Maintaining ties between past students and their

Women of Western: Lauren Dazey

Lauren (center) with her friends and co-workers with The Center for Gender Equity and Equality

Silver City, NM- One could say that Graduate Student Lauren Dazey is something of a bad ass. When she arrived at WNMU to get her Masters in Business Administration, she already had a rich background working in heavy industrial jobs, particularly working on oil rigs. Growing up in Aurora, Colorado, it was her mother’s career

Women of Western: Heather Steinmann

Dr. Steinmann 2

Silver City, NM- Dr. Heather Steinmann is an Assistant Professor of Writing at Western New Mexico University and her achievements and her involvement with the community make her a celebrated woman of WNMU.  Originally from North Dakota, Dr. Steinmann came to Western in 2015, accepting a job in the Humanities Department and finished writing her dissertation

Women of Western: Dr. Liza Kuecker


Silver City, N.M. – Dr. Liza Keucker is retiring soon, putting a cap on a career in higher education that has been filled with achievement. Born in the “Baby Boomer” era, Liza Kuecker grew up in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She attended Longfellow Middle School and Westosha Central High School. After graduating from high school, she