Women of Western: Rhonda McCall


Silver City, NM- Few people at WNMU are spoken of more highly than Rhonda McCall. The Executive Assistant for Vice President Isaac Brundage has left quite an impact with the WNMU faculty and staff, but her most important work has been with the students. Rhonda got her start working in the hospitality industry, working with

Women of Western: Kat’s Editorial


Hey everyone, it’s Eric. March marks Women’s History Month, and this week the Mustang is celebrating the prominent women of Western. However, as the editor of The Mustang, I’m going to take this opportunity to explain why I feel that ashfjbnawfoiuaubfuaasoiufhouisahfoiuasnsdnasjnbca ……….. ……. ….. Sorry babe. Hi, I’m Kat, and I’m the editor’s girlfriend. I’ve hijacked The

Women of Western: Claudia Osuna


Silver City, NM- Claudia Osuna sits in her student presidential office surrounded by papers, and busily looking at her computer screen at her latest barrage of e-mails. She wears a lovely, big wool sweater that envelopes her petite body, not only keeping her warm, but also looking quite stylish. The current Student President of ASWNMU

Women of Western: Arlean Murillo

Arlene and Shepard

Santa Teresa, NM- Arlean Murillo has dedicated her life to helping those younger than her. Whether it’s her three children or fifteen ASWNMU members, Arlean has sought to provide guidance and support however she can. Arlean has also made great efforts to make the WNMU campus a safe place for all students, lobbying with student