Vice President Brundage Upset After Being Left Out of Delta Mu Delta’s “Balduary” Event


Silver City, NM- On Monday, March 20, Delta Mu Delta finally held their long-delayed “Balduary” event in which nineteen men volunteered to have their heads shaved on behalf of men’s health. Sadly, Vice President of Student Affairs Isaac Brundage was not among them, leaving the Vice President feeling a little left out. The event, hosted

Student Spotlight: Juan Pablo Murillo

Juan Pablo

Santa Teresa, NM- The back end of the semester can often be the most stressful and trying times for any student, but imagine facing it at the tender age of five years old. Juan Pablo Murillo is a five year old Early Childhood Education major from Santa Teresa, NM who is nearing the end of

Mustangs Sign Kobe Bryant for 2017-2018 Season


Silver City, N.M. – Kobe Bryant recently announced that he is coming out of retirement and is set to return to basketball for the Western New Mexico University men’s basketball team. The 5-time NBA champion has not played since the 2016 season with the Los Angeles Lakers. “Having someone with the stature of Kobe Bryant

Hernandez Can’t Keep Up with Marin During Heated Checkers Match


Silver City, NM- A battle of wits took place in the Miller Library between WNMU students Jazmin Hernandez and Karina Marin in the most publicized game of checkers this university has ever seen. There was no shortage of emotions between the two skilled players as they both showed signs throughout of frustration, envy, excitement, and

ASWNMU Secretary Bre Aker Replaced With Coffee Maker


Silver City, NM- There’s a new Student Secretary in town! While former softball star and beloved Student Government member Breanna Aker had served in the position valiantly since August 2016, thanks to the purchase and installation of the trusty ASWNMU coffee maker, Bre now finds herself out of a job. According to ASWNMU Vice President

Mustang Newspaper to Begin Publishing Fake News

mustang logo

Silver City, NM- Since 2015, the online publication known as The Mustang has brought at least five or six loyal readers the news regarding the goings on of Western New Mexico University. On April 1, 2017, a new era dawns. “In the past couple of years, a whole new form of journalism has taken shape

Editorial: We Wish You A Merry Christmas, And A “Happier” New Year


This is The Mustang‘s 400th article, coming out about a week after our two year anniversary. I really should have timed things better. I’ve mulled over a lot of ideas for this article, first choosing to discuss what made 2016 such a bad year and later deciding to write about the holidays instead. Neither idea

The Mustang’s Top 7 Christmas Movies: As Chosen by the Students


It’s Christmas! With many of us spending the season with our families and loved ones, many traditions are observed around this time of year. One tradition that seems pretty common amongst most people is the annual viewing of Christmas movies and television specials. A number of students gave their input on what they felt were

The Mustang’s Top 10 Halloween Tracks


Halloween is the best time of year next to Christmas to listen to your favorite songs that coincide with the season. This list of the best Halloween songs span across quite a few genres and include a few popular favorites along with some more obscure ones. These songs are definitely not the scariest sounding out

The Editor’s Top 5 Things to Watch on Halloween

Roxy Diaz as Wednesday Addams

Halloween is in two weeks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it matters much, at least not these days. When I was a younger, Halloween felt much more like a season. I always enjoyed it; the TV specials, the candy, the overall creep-factor, it was wonderful. These days it seems that the season has been compacted into