Dylan Kester Runs for ASWNMU Vice President

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Silver City, N.M.- Dylan Kester holds the current position of Pro Temp on the ASWNMU Student Senate, but come next fall he’s aiming a little higher and returning to his seat at Vice President of ASWNMU. With this transition, Dylan begins his fourth year with WNMU’s Student Government. Dylan has always sought to be a

Jeffrey Arrington Runs for ASWNMU Senate


Silver City, NM- Jeffrey Arrington is a Nursing Major originally from Deming, NM that is running for a position in Student Senate for the very first time. Jeffrey’s prime motivation for running is to help the students. He noticed that WNMU was already very expensive due to student fees and does not want to see

Clarissa Moreno is ASWNMU Treasure


Silver City, NM- Clarissa Moreno is running unopposed for the position of ASWNMU Treasurer. The Accounting Major from Tuscon, Arizona is currently in her Junior year and has already served one term in ASWNMU Student Government as a Senator. Aside from Student Senate and classes, Clarissa also serves as a catcher for the Lady Mustangs.

Brenda Hernandez Runs for ASWNMU Executive Secretary


Silver City, NM- Cross-Country Athlete and Student Worker Brenda Hernandez is throwing her hat into the ring and campaigning for the Executive Secretary position of the Associated Students of Western New Mexico University. Born in Toluca, Mexico, raised in San Diego, California, and currently a Sophomore, Brenda has spent the past two years on campus

Candidates for ASWNMU Elections


Silver City, NM- Elections for next years Associated Students of Western New Mexico University officially start today. Below are the candidates and each position they are running for. Campaigns last until the end of the week, followed by a panel on Monday, April 16th at 6:30. Elections will be held next Tuesday and Wednesday. Executive

ASWNMU Elections Kick Off This Monday

ASWNMU Campaign

Silver City, NM- Campaigns for prospective student government members will officially begin on Monday, April 9th and last until Sunday, April 15th. A panel of students in the running will be held on Monday, April 16th in the J. Cloyd Miller Library at 6:30 pm, where The Mustang and representatives of the current student government will ask

ASWNMU Elections: Vincente Partido for Student Senate


My fellow students, I have had the honor and privilege of learning and working beside you for four years. In that time I have had the distinct pleasure of helping my classmates through study groups, and, more recently, by acting as an English tutor to many. While I am happy to serve any way I

ASWNMU Elections: Bailey McFarland for Student Senate


Silver City, N.M. – Sophomore Bailey McFarland is looking to earn a seat at the senate position for the Western New Mexico University student government this coming fall. McFarland believes that the senator position must be involved with the students as well as hearing their voice. “The reason why I joined student government is because