The Mustang on Election Year 2016: Part II: Donald Trump


When I was younger, I remember watching a few episodes of The Apprentice and it’s far superior spin-off Celebrity Apprentice. I’ll never forget watching Meat Loaf scream at Gary Busey over paintbrushes while Lil Jon struggled to keep the peace, all under the watchful eye of Donald Trump. Now that Trump guy might just be

The Mustang on Election Year 2016: Part I: Hillary Clinton

Eric and Hilary 2

Like most people, I’ve been following the absolute madness that is the 2016 election. Not only are we living witnesses to history being made with the “dreaded” Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic-party nomination. Also, many will tell you that we’re apparently on the brink of the apocalypse with the Republican nomination going to everyone’s favorite

NM Native Amber Tsougas Travels the World As Missionary

Amber mountain

Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa- When people think of a career that involves having a great deal of courage and bravery, many will rightfully think of public servants such as firefighters or members of law enforcement, and many will think of members of the armed forces. One that usually gets overlooked however, is a Missionary.