Editorial: Szechuan Sauce: The Story of the Year

Rick Sauce

Something absurd has happened in our society. While that’s nothing out of the ordinary in this day and age, something truly absurd happened this past weekend, and it’s a story that I’ve been following for some time now. On Saturday, October 7, 2017, legions of young people across the nation rallied at their local McDonald’s

Editorial: The Mustang Year IV

mustang logo

Hello everyone, It’s week four of the Fall semester, so it’s about time you hear from us. For the incoming freshman currently suffering through their first few weeks of college, welcome. We’re the Mustang, WNMU’s premiere student-run publication. We’ve existed since the dawn of the University, give or take a few lulls in publication. Campus

Editorial: What’s With This “Wonder Woman Controversy?”


This isn’t going to be much of an editorial since honestly the subject doesn’t really merit much more than a paragraph. However, this is something that is topical and it annoys me, two of the criteria from which I select what I’ll write about for the month. In fact, this “controversy” that I’m about to

Guest Editorial: Western, Thanks for the Memories


Silver City, N.M.- In the countless minutes that go along with the days, there can be brought about infinite memories with each moment that a person exists. Whether those memories are in the far past, the near past, or the present moment that has just passed, the memories in a person’s mind that are kept

Editorial: What Can You Do For Higher Education?


Silver City, NM- Following yesterday’s rather intense announcements a good amount of readers are concerned about the state of things going on in New Mexico Higher Education. We’ve already seen what can happen. While it is very unlikely that New Mexico colleges won’t be funded by the state this coming fiscal year and this was

ASWNMU Elections: What is a Student Leader?


We’re in the middle of elections for Student Government with fourteen students in the running for senate positions and two students running for the position of treasurer. The positions of President, Vice President and Secretary have already been filled. Congratulations to the victors and best of luck to those in the running. During election season,

Women of Western: Kat’s Editorial


Hey everyone, it’s Eric. March marks Women’s History Month, and this week the Mustang is celebrating the prominent women of Western. However, as the editor of The Mustang, I’m going to take this opportunity to explain why I feel that ashfjbnawfoiuaubfuaasoiufhouisahfoiuasnsdnasjnbca ……….. ……. ….. Sorry babe. Hi, I’m Kat, and I’m the editor’s girlfriend. I’ve hijacked The

Sparky’s Burgers, BBQ and Espresso- A Mustang Non-Review

Me with burger 2

Hatch, New Mexico- the green chili capital of the southwest! When we’d passed through Hatch on our way to Santa Fe, we drove past a small, unassuming building that ASWNMU President Claudia Osuna immediately pointed out. It was “Sparky’s Burgers, BBQ and Espresso,” home to one of USA Today‘s Top Ten Green Chili Burgers in