Editorial: So How Do These School Closures Work Again?


Silver City, NM- So on behalf of our readers who don’t have windows or anything of that sort,  The Mustang would like to report that it snowed this week. (There’s probably one or two of you, right? No?) Anyway, it snowed so much so that classes were cancelled and the University was closed-down on Monday. It

Guest Editorial: Gabby Begay


Editor’s Note: This issue features a guest editorial from Gabby Begay, a WNMU Graduate student who also serves on the Board of Regents. In honor of Native American Month, she is writing a guest editorial for The Mustang, speaking about her life and experiences growing up half-Navajo. “I grew up knowing it’s wrong to have

Guest Editorial: Juarez Embraces WNMU Honors Millennium Students


Editor’s Note- Our very own Marivel Medel recently went on a trip to Ciudad Juarez along with the rest of the WNMU Millennium Honors Students. This is her own, first-person account of the class trip and her experiences across the border. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico- Our interdisciplinary cultural exploration of Dia De Los Muertos starts in

Editorial: Supermoon 2015


The Americas, Europe and Africa- So if you’d looked out your window last night, or more than likely checked Facebook, you may have noticed something called a Supermoon Lunar Eclipse. I’m sure some of you even spent the evening documenting the event, heading outside to witness the partial eclipse, or half moon, then stuck around to

Editorial: The All-New Mustang


Hello Everyone! My name is Eric Lowe, you may recognize me, roaming the campus in a leather snapback while accompanied by a girl with hair the color of cotton candy. I’ve recently taken over the editors position for The Mustang and am currently renovating the website. With any luck we’ll have our brand new premiere issue