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Club Spotlight: Art Club – creativity and imagination at work

The Art Club is a club on the move. John Bjornstad is the President of the club, and he has been working for a few semesters to build awareness and membership of the club. He describes as the club as very casual. For meetings, members put tables together and take baked goods to share with everyone. The main purpose of the club is to provide an inviting space for anyone interested in art to get together and support art. The vice president position is filled by Christian Gonzales, secretary is Robert Arias, and treasure is Amy McBroom.

The club currently has plans to create ice sculptures, and a snowman creation event in December, providing there is any snow. The club assisted in this year’s Haunted House and are hoping to do it again next semester. They are hoping they get a section for themselves to showcase their creativity.

Bjornstad is very open to the members’ ideas. “We have this suggestion box that people put in things in there and then I see if there is anything relevant to what we are doing or something that is worth talking about,” said Jon Bjornstad.

Felix Gutierrez, a junior majoring in Forest Wildlife Law Enforcement said, “It is really enjoying. I’m always looking forward to come, because we always have these little art projects which are really cool to do or if not we are talking about a project we are going to do.”

On November 7, the club assisted the Charlie Meckel-Exhibit Opening in McCray Gallery of Contemporary Art. They went as a group to appreciate the art of Charlie Meckel. The exhibit will be on display until December 1. It is free and open to all public.

The Art Club meets every other Thursday at 4:00 p.m. in the Webb Building. For more information, contact Jon Bjornstad at

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