Delta Mu Delta’s “Bald-uary” a Success

Silver City, NM- The culmination of Delta Mu Delta’s “Bald-uary” fundraiser was held early on Monday, March 20 with fifteen of the nineteen men having their heads shaved to benefit Men’s Health. Individuals such as former ASWNMU President Lawrence Garcia, Student Service Specialist David Cota, Associate Professor Dr. Benjamin Cline were gathered to the third floor of the Student Memorial Building and shaved bald on behalf of charity.

“Bald-uary” is an annual event hosted by WNMU’s International Honors Society in Business Administration and Management, Delta Mu Delta. This year, the event featured nineteen participants, including Adele Springer, Benjamin Cline, David Cota, David Scarborough, Dean Foster, Harry Wetton, Jay Hemphill, Jeffrey Hill, John Scarbrough, John Hoy, Kent Beatty, Lawrence Garcia, Luis Figueroa, Magdaleno Manzanarez, Matthew Lara, Michael Acosta, Miguel Narvaez, Scott Ray, Thomas Gruszka. Each participant was given a donation quota of $50 to be reached, with the volunteers agreeing to “go under the buzzer” if their quota was reached. Of the 19 participants, fifteen had their heads shaved, with Delta Mu Delta President Tim Stillman agreeing to have his head shaved at the end of the event.

While proceeds are still coming in, Delta Mu Delta raised approximately $847, with 50% of the sum being donated to the Gila Regional Hospital in the name of Men’s Health.

For further information on Delta Mu Delta, you can reach their President Tim Stillman at deltamudelta@wnmu.edu. President Stillman says that the organization always welcomes and appreciates questions, comments and new ideas.

A live stream video of the headshavings can be seen on our Facebook page.

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