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Dylan Kester Runs for ASWNMU Vice President

Silver City, N.M.- Dylan Kester holds the current position of Pro Temp on the ASWNMU Student Senate, but come next fall he’s aiming a little higher and returning to his seat at Vice President of ASWNMU. With this transition, Dylan begins his fourth year with WNMU’s Student Government.

Dylan has always sought to be a voice for students. He has served on the Student Fee committee for three years and on two occasions visited the capital of New Mexico to lobby for Virtualized Applications that students on all WNMU campuses can use. Dylan’s ultimate goal for his running for any ASWNMU position is that the student government is about fighting for student rights at the university.

“I’m nervous about the competition, but I’m ready to try my hardest to serve the students as best I can,” Dylan said

Dylan is a current graduate student going into counseling. Aside from his work in ASWNMU, Dylan is a graduate assistant for Graduate Studies and works in the WNMU Human Resources office. His hard work and dedication toward the university and the students within were recently recognized, as Dylan was welcomed into the WNMU Student Hall of Fame.

Dylan has also been notoriously passionate about holding ASWNMU Snow Cone events and the upcoming summer events involving the ASWNMU Slip N Slide.

Dylan will be at a panel for candidates on Monday at 7 pm in the Miller Library.

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