Elizabeth Gonzales

Elizabeth Gonzales: Candidate for ASWNMU Treasurer

One WNMU student is running for the treasurer position for ASWNMU. Elizabeth Gonzales is a Sophomore majoring in Accounting here at WNMU. She is originally from Silver City.

The Mustang Newspaper asked Gonzales some questions to get to know her better and the proposals she has as a future ASWNMU member. 


Q: What led you to become interested in becoming a member of ASWNMU?

A: Many things led me to be interested in becoming a member of the ASWNMU, such as the fact that students need an individual that can speak to higher authority people so they can be heard. There are too many times that I see my classmates going through problems, and I feel that I could better these unfortunate instances. I saw the link to apply for a position on Canvas, and I envisioned myself being able to help students just like me a little more. Students need to feel more comfortable when it comes to reaching out for help. Students also need to have the motivation to proceed in online courses if all comes to worse with the virus.


Q: What is a problem that you have seen on campus that you want to fix?

A: There needs to be easier access for students to speak up about an issue they are having personally or within the university itself. They can talk to the ones who have more authority, who can make our voices heard. The recent events have affected on-campus activities, class time, and interactions altogether. I want to help students transition back into college as easy as possible safely and effectively. In the end, we are all affected by this pandemic, and we need the support and resources to be available to the students immediately. This means counseling services, help with classes, or even issues with income expenses.


Q: How do you plan on getting students involved with your initiatives?

A: Making Student surveys on canvas (5 questions about the universities performance such as professors and students experience) that will enter them in student raffles. 


Q: How could you improve the power of student voices on campus?

A: The results of the surveys will determine the power and voices of the students.


Q: What does student partnership mean to you?

A: Student partnership is what is around you at the university, the support system that you are surrounded by is determined by the help that you will receive.


ASWNMU elections are taking place from April 20-24. Students can vote through Canvas. More candidate interviews can be found on themustang.wnmu.edu.

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