First Semester Student Athlete- Ivan Moya 

First Semester Student Athlete- Ivan Moya 

Ivan Eduardo Moya is a Western New Mexico University student athlete. The previous semester, fall 2018, was his first semester as a college level student athlete. Moya is a line backer from El Paso, Texas and he is excited to be a part of the WNMU football team. The first semester for every student can be difficult because of the adjustment period of reaching the higher level of academic standards at a university. Moya, having the additional responsibility of being an athlete as well as a student, has had an intense experience adjusting to college life. However, as this interview shows, he is excited and ready for these new experiences.
Q: Hello Ivan, thank you for taking the time out of your day to be interviewed. Let’s start it off by congratulating you on finishing your first semester of college as a collegiate student athlete! How does it feel?

A: Thanks Steele. As my first semester as a collegiate athlete came to a close, I was overcome with a feeling of relief as I now know what to expect for the future.

Q: What are you studying and why?

A: I’m a nursing major due to the fact I get to help people when I am working in the medical field.

Q: What is something you had to do this semester that you’re not used to doing? Did you have to study more to keep up with your academics?

A: Not study more, but I have to take more responsibility and conviction towards my studies and time management skills. I wasn’t used to the longer class periods and the breaks in between, so that took a bit of getting used to.

Q: I definitely understand. Do you think college is more difficult than high school? If so, can you explain how?

A: It definitely is harder in terms of needing to be self disciplined. I am learning how to wake up on time for practice and giving it my all on the field, and then making it to class on time and giving it my all in the classroom. It has been much more demanding.

Q: That sounds stressful. How do you personally manage to be successful on the football field as well as the classroom? What is the key to accomplishing both of those two things?

A: Honestly, I’ve always been really good at holding myself to a higher standard. I just juggle both activities at once and push myself to be good in all things that I have control over.

Q: That’s a great mindset to have! If there was anything you could tell incoming student athletes or incoming freshman in general, what would you tell them?

A: Don’t wait. Seriously. If you blink, you’ll fall behind.

Q: What are you aspirations in life?

A: I aspire to be the man that every young child talks about. I want to hold open doors for women, to put myself before anyone else, and I want to be a leader. I want to be a great husband, father, son, brother, friend, and follow God’s path that he has laid out for me.

Q: Thank you Ivan for your time. I wish you the best in your collegiate experience, I know you’ll do great things!