Glam Week Is Coming!

Silver City, NM- There are many misconceptions about drag culture that the media has created and many people who do not even know what drag culture is. These misunderstandings can often have harmful consequences. Fortunately, the Center of Gender Equity is hosting a series of events from October 16 through October 22 educate and spread awareness about drag culture.

Nathan Jackson, a student at Western New Mexico University, says, “I think [Glam Week] is awesome! It’s going to help open students eyes to issues regarding the LGBTQ community. People don’t realize how much we still have to fight.”

On Friday October 2, guest speaker Angel Montanez, came down from Tucson, AZ to give an educational presentation on what drag is and to shine some light on a few of the common misconceptions. One thing that a lot of people do not realize is that drag is not only men who dress as women. Drag can also be a woman dressing as a man or a gay man performing as a straight man. Drag can be exaggerated or subtle, with Montanez comparing drag to art, stating that just like art, there are a lot of different interpretations.

Another misconception is that people who do drag want to be the gender that they are dressing up as. Montanez said that this is not necessarily true. Drag is more about the performance and being able to have an alter ego. Montanez even compares it to a Halloween costume.

Speaking on the hatred toward the drag community, Montanez said, “Everyone should be free to do makeup and perform. You should be free to be you without stigma.”

Glam Week kicks off on Friday, October 16, with a workshop and presentation at the McCray Gallery. It continues on Monday with another panel followed by a cookout at the Center of Gender Equity. Singer-Songwriter Summer Osbourne will be performing Tuesday night in the Light Hall Auditorium. On Wednesday, October 21, there will be a lip sync battle where students, Faculty, and Staff will dress in drag and perform at Light Hall Auditorium. The last event will be that Thursday in the Fine Arts Center Theater where comedian Ian Harvie (Transparent) will perform stand-up comedy.

“One interesting thing about Glam Week is that we are not only informing people, but we’re allowing them to assume a role and act out what we are preaching.” said Miguel Gutierrez, a work study at the Center of Gender Equity. “Hopefully, this can do away with the hatred and stigma toward the LGBTQ community.”

For more information and a full schedule for Glam Week, be sure to check out thecenter.wnmu.edu/glam/

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