Great Race 2018 – Talent Show

Bomb Squad performing Moana's "You're Welcome"
Bomb Squad performing Moana’s “You’re Welcome”

Silver City, NM – The Great Race Celebration continues, and this time rather than focusing on athletic activities, the teams put their focus behind the stage light. Bomb Squad, Party Krashers, C’s Get Degrees and Little Rascals battle against each other by participating in a lip sync/singing battle as well as being able to recreate a movie scene of their choice. The teams dance and sang to popular songs such as “Uptown Funk” (performed by Plan B), Step Brother’s “Boats and Hoes” (performed by Bomb Squad), and the iconic “Gangnam style” (performed by C’s Get Degrees).

Little Rascal’s performing “At Last”

After a night of crowd interaction, iconic tunes, and the roaring cheering of their favorite team, the imaginative victory went to C’s Get Degrees, who dazzled the crowd with their rendition of Psy’s Gangnam Style and the School of Rock opus “School of Rock.”

The Great Race continued on with the Friday Pool Party, followed by the Mustang Festival on Saturday.

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