Hernandez Can’t Keep Up with Marin During Heated Checkers Match

Hernandez Can’t Keep Up with Marin During Heated Checkers Match

Silver City, NM- A battle of wits took place in the Miller Library between WNMU students Jazmin Hernandez and Karina Marin in the most publicized game of checkers this university has ever seen. There was no shortage of emotions between the two skilled players as they both showed signs throughout of frustration, envy, excitement, and willpower. However, at the end, there was only one winner.


It started out like any other checkers game, pieces moving slowly towards each other and opponents planning their attacks.

Jazmin came in hot, with a big move over Karina’s black piece, claiming the first checker of the match. But it wasn’t long before Karina came back roaring against her with a double leap over the reds. With a 2-1 lead in the game, the tension began to rise between these two friends so early in the game.


In the next turn, Jazmin got to a safe spot with one of her pieces moving forward. Karina then came back with an intimidating move very near to where Jazmin’s piece was placed. Not one to let the intimidation affect her mindset, Jazmin simply moved her piece another step forward, closer to the end of the board than Karina was at this point in the game.

Seeing an opening, Karina took advantage of Jazmin’s mistake, leaving a trail of three pieces in prime jumping positions. 5-1 was the score, and while Jazmin was behind, she was not going to stay there. After Karina’s amazing move, Jazmin inched one of her back row pieces forward. Karina then strategized by moving one of hers in the back forward as well. With her red piece right next to the black one, Jazmin attacked Karina where she was strongest, and took her closest piece to Jazmin’s side, making the score 2-5.


This back and forth action went on for another 25 minutes. Despite the game being so close all throughout, there ended up being no kings from either side. The final score came out to 12-9, with Karina Marin ending up on top. In an impromptu act of fury, Jazmin took her pieces from the match, and thrust them towards Karina’s face. Knowing full well that this would happen, Karina quickly took cover.


No checkers were harmed in the playing of this game, and were all safely returned to their original spots. The “WNMU Checkers: The Most Dangerous Game” series will continue with Marin squaring off against the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry next weekend.