Elizabeth Mireles

International student living through COVID-19 away from home

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently affecting WNMU and its community, the Mustang Staff reached out to members of the Mustang family to understand their thoughts on the current situation of the world.

Elizabeth Mireles is an international student studying Chemistry. A senior from Guanajuato, Mexico. Mireles’ program is only one semester of study at WNMU. Mireles’ home is more than 24 hours away, and she is currently social distancing at Centennial Hall.

Q: How has the COVID-19 crisis affected your life? What do you think is the worst part of the pandemic?

A: I came to WNMU as an international student in a mobility program, the COVID-19 outbreak affected my academic life and in general, the whole experience I could’ve had here at Western. I think that otherwise, it would have been a very fruitful opportunity. However, I’m grateful for the things I’ve experienced, the people I’ve met, the great professors I’ve had, and their outstanding lectures, I’ve learned a lot so far. It is a shame that things turned out this way, yet I still think that this is an excellent institution with a wonderful community.

In my opinion, the worst part of the pandemic is the crisis in the health system, as well as the economic crisis worldwide, and clearly, the thousands of people who have died to this day. However, it is also terrible to see how false information spreads so fast, causing massive panic, which leads to selfish actions like buying all the stuff you can from the supermarket, no matter if there’s a vulnerable population that needs it more than you do. We should be conscious of others in times like this; we should be responsible and take this seriously.
To learn more about how WNMU is affected by COVID-19, please visit http://wnmu.edu/covid-19-updates.

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