Jeffrey Arrington Runs for ASWNMU Senate

Silver City, NM- Jeffrey Arrington is a Nursing Major originally from Deming, NM that is running for a position in Student Senate for the very first time.

Jeffrey’s prime motivation for running is to help the students. He noticed that WNMU was already very expensive due to student fees and does not want to see them increase any higher. With the fees already in place, Jeffrey wants to see the money go toward projects that will increase both the quality of education and quality of life on campus for the students.

One of Jeffrey’s goals is to see more fees go toward student organizations, such as the Student Nurses Association, which is normally very short-staffed and limited in what they can do for students due to lack of funding. To make this happen, Jeffrey wants to get more students and many of the smaller student organizations more involved in the student fee process, especially during hearings, and have their input and opinions heard by the student government.

Since attending WNMU, Jeffrey’s proudest accomplishment has been his work with starting the Mustang Search and Rescue team. Since January 2017, Jeffrey was involved in the organization, which is also a full-fledged, state police-recognized, search and rescue team that is based directly in campus. In fact, the day before conducting the interview, Jeffrey stated he performed a mission to perform a rescue near the golf courses.

“There aren’t many universities in the state of New Mexico that have a dedicated Search and Rescue team,” Jeffery said. “Especially ones that are student oriented.”

Jeffrey states that working with Mustang Search and Rescue is a great way to serve the community, and says that he hopes to put that work ethic and mindfulness toward the WNMU student body.

Candidates for ASWNMU positions will be on a panel this Monday in the Miller Library at 7 pm.

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