Let’s Talk About…Anything

Silver City NM- Let’s talk about sex, let’s talk about relationships, let’s talk about who we are. For the past few years WNMU has been home to the Gender Equity Center, otherwise known as The Center. It is located about a block from campus and many students go there for a number reasons. For some, it is a quiet place to do homework and drink a latte, but for others, it is a sanctuary. At The Center there is no judgment concerning sexual orientation or anything else for that matter.  The building used to be a home for women’s rights but now provides a new service: It is a safe haven for those who are part of the LGBTQ community, as well as those who are allies.

LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer. They operate under a rainbow flag and are dedicated to making the world truly equal, not just for people affected by race and religion, but for people of all different social and sexual orientations. How do they do that? One way is by spreading awareness to the community by holding local and university events. Some of the past events have included BLACK LIVES MATTER, and the $1.98 show. In the future events such as Doggy Drag will be taking place.

Along with community events, there are also university events located bi-weekly and monthly at The Center. One of the most important ones is called “Let’s Talk About Sex,” which is held every other Friday by Dr. Baily and Dr. Huerta, both teachers at WNMU. This event is meant to open up barriers in communication by involving students in important talks about sex. The questions are anonymous and are answered in a way that makes you feel not only comfortable but reassured. For many college students, especially freshman, this creates a safe zone, allowing for curious minds to be sated while at the same time providing knowledge.

The Center is open from 12pm to 9pm Monday through Thursday and from 12pm to 4pm every Friday. The staff is known for being generous and knowledgeable, trained in confidentiality as well as social skills. All students are welcome to come by and visit.

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