Great Race 50: Little Rascals Are Kings of the Mountain

Silver City, N.M. – The Little Rascals beat out the other five teams in this year’s King of the Mountain during this week’s annual Great Race.

The six teams had to push their cart up Cardiac Hill about 50 yards to the finish line. The only rules were that the teams had to have four guys and two girls, and every member must touch the cart or the team will be disqualifed. The teams had a chance for a second run to earn a better time.

The Misfits went for the first run and came away with a flat 35 seconds. C’s Get Degrees aimed to beat this score and were successful as they recorded 34 seconds.

FullSizeRender (6)
C’s Get Degrees

Plan B went next and were unable to beat the Misfits and C’s get degrees time as they earned a 35.09.

FullSizeRender (5)
Plan B

Little Rascals took the line next and look determined to blow away the competition, which is what they did. They put up a 32.38, which was the fastest time in the event.

FullSizeRender (4)
Little Rascals

The Kash Knights and Pirates looked to take down the time that the Little Rascals earned. However, neither teams were able to beat the time as the Kash Knights ran a 39.8 while the Pirates scored a 40.08.

FullSizeRender (3)
Kash Knights

In the second round, the Misfits dropped in time with a 37 run. C’s Get Degrees nearly earned the same score with a 34.4. Plan B, however, jumped up to a 35.01.

Little Rascals received five points, C’s Get Degrees three and Misfits one.

Hot pretzels with cheese and WNMU sunglasses were provided at the event for who attended.

Sage Mays, coordinator of the event felt that the event was a success.

“I believe the event went well,” said Mays. “It was great to see the teams chanting as well as seeing them compete.”

The current standing are Little Rascals in first; C’s Get Degrees in second; Misfits third; Plan B fourth; Kash Knights fifth; and Pirates sixth.

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