Meet Armando, the new Mustang writer from Deming, NM!


Hello Mustangs!

My name is Armando Adame, the new writer for The Mustang online newspaper. I’m very excited about this great opportunity. This will be my first-time writing in a journalistic way so please be patient with me. I’m really excited about this job and will try my best to create entertaining and informative articles. I want people to enjoy reading my articles. This is my second semester here at Western, and I am really enjoying Silver City. I was born in Phoenix, AZ—but grew up in Deming, not far from Silver. Deming is a small town about an hour away from Silver so it’s very easy for me to go back home on a regular basis. My first language is Spanish, so if any of you guys want to approach me feel free to do so in Spanish or English. I’m a very social person and generally don’t mind having a conversation with anyone—unless I’m in a hurry. 

Some of the things that I enjoy are:

  • Baseball. I’ve always played baseball ever since I was 7 years old. I really enjoy playing the game and watching it. I don’t have a single team, I have many. 
  • Games. I love all types of games: board games, outdoor games, card games, and anything else that involves competition; however, video-games are my favorite because of the deep stories and open worlds some have. I feel that video-games are a very interactive movie or book.
  • Cars. I’m not much of a gear-head but I do enjoy a good talk about classic cars. 
  • Boxing. Growing up, weekend boxing matches were a huge part of my childhood and I now really enjoy the sport.  
  • Music. I like all kinds of music. Whenever someone asks about my music taste, I usually just say that I like good music.
  • Books. My favorite book of all time has to be 1984, and in a close second comes, One Hundred Years of Solitude. Both absolutely amazing books.
  • Art. I draw a bit just for fun. 


I came to Western to get a bachelor’s degree in accounting. I chose to become an accountant because I really like numbers and balance, accounting is just that. What I like about accounting is that it brings logic and sense to things that normally don’t have either and helps plan for the future. It is my own opinion that everyone should know a bit of accounting even if it’s only to manage their own finances.  After graduating with my degree, I want to move to a big city nearby Phoenix since I have some family there and go back home when I’m ready to start a family. Becoming an accountant is only the first part of my plan, eventually I want to become a CPA and work for a firm. A long-term goal that I have set for myself is to become my own boss. The main reason that I want to be my own boss is to be able to spend more time with my current family and my future family.

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