Meet Your New Writer: Luis Chavez

Meet Your New Writer: Luis Chavez

Hello Mustangs!

My name is Luis Chavez and I am the new writer for the WNMU online newspaper, The Mustang. My goal for the newspaper is to make it an entertaining and informative media channel for you. I want to make it appealing for everyone. I know some students don’t use the WNMU Mobile App, so I am aiming to include the most important information and make it fun for everyone to read and see. :)

I am a sophomore and majoring in Cell & Molecular Biology. I come from a tiny and boring town named Douglas located in the border of Arizona and Mexico, that was the great part of it. I was able to go to Mexico daily (my 18th birthday was the best thanks to that). I also speak Spanish fluently. For those that were here last semester, I was part of the Great Race team Vallhalla. I currently work in the Center for Student Success, a great place to study and hang out (free coffee is the best part).  Some quick personal things about me you might find interesting:

  • Favorite song at the moment: Comethru from Jeremy Zucker.
  • All-time favorite movie: The Emperor’s New Groove.
  • All-time favorite franchise: Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda.
  • I love cats, at a point I had 5 of them.
  • Favorite food: cereal – especially Frosted Flakes

I want The Mustang to be a place where students can have a more friendly platform to see what is going on around campus. We will be updating the newspaper on a weekly basis with a couple of articles with recommendations for everyone of places they should check out in Silver City or the surrounding areas, events that could have an interesting and fun turnout and many other ideas I hope everyone enjoys. I am looking to motivate as most students as possible to get involved and create great memories of their university life. I am looking forward to having a good outcome for the newspaper. I will try my best and will always be open for any recommendations. :)

Thank you for reading,

Luis Chavez