Meet Your Title XI Officer

Silver City, N.M. – Title IX is for students on campus who have been sexually assaulted, discriminated or harassed. The purpose is to help spread awareness while at the same time showing students what is the next step they should take after being assaulted.

“My main job is to makes sure that students are aware of the reporting options,” said Title IX Coordinator Mary James.

These reporting options are Western New Mexico University Therapist, Title IX Coordinator, national and local hotlines, evidence collection as well as police.

Evidence collection holds the evidences of what happened to the victim for up to one year which allows them to decide what to do next. National and local hotlines allows the victim to talk to a professional listener through the phone that “will provide information” and “support.” WNMU therapist is counseling through the college’s therapist who can also talk about what to do next. Community resources is Silver Regional Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) which provides health services such as medical and mental. Police is state and local, including WNMU’s campus police. It is up to the victim on what she should do.

Reporting Options Flyer

Title IX is also an option for the victim. This option is if the victim wants WNMU to get involved. From here, Mary James will personally do an investigation, with the permission from the one who was affected. It should be noted that “only a certain degree of confidentiality can be assured” because of witnesses and the one who performed the crime.

James will then meet with campus police and have a discussion of accommodations. If necessary, a hearing will be met which is not public.

Spreading awareness throughout campus is another duty for Title IX. James has met with the faculty senate and also plans to meet with the Threat Assessment Team and SAAS.

“Not only do students and employees have options, but we also have connections with the community which I feel is important,” said James.

For more information visit James can be reached at (575) 538-6025 with her office located in the Global Resource Center in Room E.

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