Mustang Football Opens at USD

San Diego, CA- The sun was setting and the weather was cool. Fans of all ages, kinds, and sizes were gathering for one of the most important days of the year; football season was beginning. As the crowd entered the stadium, the excitement was tangible in the air. This was the moment everyone was waiting for. Players and fans alike stood in anticipation as the time on the clock signaled for the beginning of the game.

The game was long and hard fought. Our beloved Mustangs attempted to thwart the opposing team but it was of no avail. The USD Toreros were ready and waiting. The fans never stopped cheering and the game continued on. Halftime saw the promise of redemption and opportunity for a successful first game. As the sun began to set and the field was in full-lighted glory, it became apparent that winning was not in the cards for the WNMU Mustangs.

Their loss, although difficult, brought a sense of strength and dignity witnessed by the fans that day. As the team ran off of the field, the crowd cheered with pride. Families and friends gathered at the top of the stadium to hug their loved ones, showing pride the entire time. The Mustangs will not only survive, they will endure. Our boys are hungry and this coming weekend they will eat.

Following a loss of 27-0, the Mustangs will head to their second game of the season this Friday and will play against their state rivals, the Greyhounds of Eastern New Mexico University. This is their very first rival game as WNMU is beginning their first season as part of the Lone Star Conference.

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