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Navigating and Overcoming Culture Shock!


On Wednesday, February 12th,  Student Life Event Coordinator and part of the Cultural Committee, Ashley Templeton, created the event “Navigating Culture Shock”, along with student Andrew Ayala.

This event was held in the Student Life Lounge from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. After interviewing Ayala, he mentioned his goal for this event was to get as many students to participate as possible. Ayala further mentioned, “Black History Month was an essential factor to this event. I know a lot of people from overseas who have experienced culture shock, so it was really interesting for me to create this event. I wanted to make sure nobody felt like they were alone.”

The overall purpose of this event was to gather students to participate by either adding to or answering the questions posted on the wall. Questions ranged from, “How do you overcome culture shock?” to “What cultures have you met before?”. Each student was required to at least answer 1 of the 10 questions posted on the wall using sticky notes. This assured that each question had several answers.

 In addition to making sure he could acquire as many students to participate as possible, Ayala also mentioned that by participating in any Black History Month event, each student could acquire a punch card. As long as the student gets five punches, they are available for participating in a raffle. In the raffle, the winner will collect their prize at the end of the month.

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