Superheroes at WNMU: Students Share Their Phenomenal Superpowers

Superhero Day

April 28 is National Superhero Day. This special day of super powers was created in 1995 by Marvel Comics employees. Plenty of fictional stories, movies, and video games include the main characters with superpowers, the ability of humans or creatures to possess superhuman abilities. Superman, Spiderman, and Captain America are a few superheroes in popular



As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads, so do the fake news articles claiming to have the cure. It is crucial to have a trustworthy source for your pandemic news. The World Health Organization has come up with a way to provide the people with the news that they need in a familiar and straightforward way that

Senior Student, Dorian Carrasco on National Pandemic

Dorian Carrasco

In the midst of this nationwide pandemic, many have lost or will be losing both memories and important milestones. However, it is important to aid in the understanding of those who have been affected by such a large epidemic. Therefore, in order to get some voices heard, The Mustang has been interviewing students while also

Elizabeth Gonzales: Candidate for ASWNMU Treasurer

Elizabeth Gonzales

One WNMU student is running for the treasurer position for ASWNMU. Elizabeth Gonzales is a Sophomore majoring in Accounting here at WNMU. She is originally from Silver City. The Mustang Newspaper asked Gonzales some questions to get to know her better and the proposals she has as a future ASWNMU member.    Q: What led

Eleven WNMU Students Running for Senator Positions in ASWNMU


The Associated Students of Western New Mexico University elections begin April 20 with voting on Canvas.. This year, eleven WNMU students are running to fill 10 senate positions. The following are the candidates:  Taylor Benavidez is a Sophomore majoring in Science Education with a certification in Life Science. Benavidez is from Deming, NM.  Francisco J.

Aundrea Romero and Sabrina Summers Running for ASWNMU Secretary Position


The Secretary position for ASWNMU is being sought by two Mustangs with visions for the future. Aundrea Romero is entering her senior year with a double major in Environmental Sustainability and Biology. Romero is from Safford, Arizona, and has lived in Silver City for the past two years. Sabrina Summers is a first-year student. She

Two students announce candidacy for ASWNMU Vice President


ASWNMU is hosting their annual elections for student government positions and two students have placed their name on the ballot for the student body vice-president position. Diego Luna De Leon is from Douglas, AZ. He will be a Senior in the fall semester and is seeking an Accounting degree.  Aja Corina Sanchez is from Albuquerque,

Three Mustangs run for student body president


That time of the semester has arrived where student leaders run for Student Government positions for the upcoming school year. This year, three WNMU students are running to be President of the Associated Students (ASWNMU).  Darlene Chavez is from Deming, New Mexico. She is currently a Senior majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies which she expects to

Mustangs share their favorite sibling memories to celebrate National Siblings Day


National Siblings Day is on April 10 every year. This day is to honor our brothers and sisters. Siblings can be our best friends or our worst enemies. They can be many things like our biggest competition, most substantial encouragement, or the reminder of our most embarrassing moments. According to the National Holidays Calendar website,