President’s Chamber Music Series: Willy Sucre & Friends

Silver City, NM- Western New Mexico University’s Light Hall once again welcomed breathtaking talent underneath their stage lights on Tuesday, September 26. This time, the Department of Cultural Affairs hosted a group of four talented gentlemen and their string instruments. These string quartets take on the alluring sound of classical themes in every show. Sucre stated that it has always been a dream to create a musical group, not only because of the quality of the music being produced but also due of the friendships that he has built along the way.

This ensemble is made up by cellist Felix Fann and violinists Justin Pollack and L.P. How. Sucre himself plays the viola. All four gentlemen admit that they have been playing their respective instruments from a very young age, with Sucre admitting that he started at the age of 9. They all shared different stories of their growth as musicians. Stories of their influences, such as Fann, who once played rock-n-roll music and stories of discipline, which was the goal for Pollack learning violin at a young age.

The event had a good turnout from many members of the Silver City community, which has been referred to in the past as something of an artist’s haven. “[When I visit a new town,] I like to drive around to get a feeling of what it is like to live here,” said L.P. How in response to his visit. How described the artistic culture of Silver City as vibrant and strong in comparison to bigger cities.

The next concert coming to WNMU will be on October 2nd, when Light Hall will welcome Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill — Traditional Irish Music Duo Masters.

Additional Reporting by Eric Lowe

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