Student Spotlight: Daisy Simpson

Student Spotlight: Daisy Simpson

Silver City, NM- This week’s Student Spotlight comes from a familiar face you may have seen in the Juan Chacon building while passing by the Student Affairs office, Ms. Daisy Simpson. Born and raised in San Bernardino, California, Daisy graduated at just 17 years old from San Bernardino High School, and is now 18 years of age. She is a sophomore here at WNMU with a major in Secondary Education. Daisy says that the subject she would most like to teach would be history, and if not that, then she would like to be a bilingual teacher. She also loves working with her boss Rhonda McCall saying that she is, “more than a boss because she cares about student workers.”

One of Daisy’s big goals in life is to be a role model for others, like the mentors she had in hers, such as her ROTC teacher and volleyball coach. As the youngest child of six, Daisy mentions that she became mature and responsible at a young age. She says that she avoided certain situations by being involved with school and being involved in clubs.

Of her hometown Daisy had this to say, “San Bernardino is considered the most dangerous city in California.” This is also the place where she lost two of her brothers to gun violence. But even though she has had these hardships and trials, Daisy mentions that she has always been a believer in God and has always had faith. She says that, “It’s never gonna be easy to go through life, and you can’t let the pain and obstacles hold you back because they are only temporary.” Also, one of the most important things she has learned is to sometimes put herself first when it’s needed because no else may do the same.

Since she first came to Western, Daisy has felt that it was a good fit for her, even though she believed at one point that back home she would be somewhere “better,” which isn’t necessarily the case now. In her time at this school, she has spoken on panels and loves expressing to others how the school has helped her out in many different ways.

This summer, Daisy will be an orientation leader where she will be one of the first friendly faces new students will come to know at WNMU.